GWL 2nd February 1917

I saw Peter on his joyous way to-day.  He rang up last night and said he was going off.  This morning I rode down on to the road and met him on his way down & walked into Salonica with him.  Then hopped on a lorry and came back.  The boy looks very well and deserves his leave.  It rained like hell and was beastly cold.  I have asked Peter to bring back my Sam Browne belt, we have to wear them now.

Rummins is now Assistant Provost Marshall at Cheltenham!!

They say queer things happen at sea; but for sheer drollness, give me the land.  A cheery optimist told me yesterday that the war would be over in 2 1/2 months.  He says that is a certainty!  It would be great fun going round the restaurants in London now & having two courses at about 6 of them.  There is no law or regulation to prevent it, is there?

Peter got his Rugby School Christmas card all right.  I was wild with that censor.”

On 1st February Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare on all shipping including hospital ships.

Below is a photograph of Lt H Rummins in 1915.  As Assistant Provost Marshall in Cheltenham he would have been in charge of discipline.


{next post 4th February}

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