GWL 28th January 1917

Ought to have written yesterday, but I had an awfully long day and didn’t.  To-day is beastly.  Blowing and raining like the devil.  The weather has been bad the last fortnight.  I am rather afraid the mess tent will not stand it.  What will happen if the store tent comes down, Heaven only knows. Another man I knew at Rugby is down here now, a little chap called Hughes, who was in the S.H.  Ion would remember him.  Your jaunt with all those children must have been good fun.  Do (you) remember about 10 years ago, Captain (as he then was) Fiennes bringing an automatic pistol to Hendra, called “Parabellum”?  I came across a machine gun on a German ‘plane the other day, same name and much the same action.  I thought to myself “Where have I seen you before?” and then I remembered.  Peter is getting near his leave now.  I do wonder what will happen to Frank.”

The Parabellum automatic pistol will have been the weapon patented by Georg Luger.  The aircraft machine gun will probably have been the Parabellum MG14 Mauser as seen below.


{next post 30th January}

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