GWL 20th January 1917

So awfully cold.  Many inches of ice in the bucket in the morning.  Some snow too but not much.  No mail for about a week now.  I wonder if mine are coming more regularly.  The books you send are a great blessing.  Nearly all the books in the camp are mine!

Everybody is being stuck for all the diseases in the world.  I have got three coming on in the next day or two.  Are you singing again?  Nothing has been heard of Baraldi since you said he was ill.  Great event took place to-day.  We had a lovely egg for breakfast!  The first since June.  A very fine egg indeed.  My boots ought to come any day, provided Hun has not bagged them.  Very busy now, but doing interesting work apart from instructing”.

On the 19th the German government instructed their Minister in Mexico to negotiate an alliance between Mexico and Japan against the United States.

{next post 23rd January}

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