GWL January 15th 1917

I am most abominably busy.  Everybody seems to be writing and wanting to know things.  We had an awful heavy rainstorm for about half an hour to-day.  Thank goodness the mess stood up.  We have dug it in a bit, which seems to have done it good in every way.  The whole country now is covered in little crocus things – whit & purple & yellow;  they are most awfully pretty but very tiny.  Two enthusiasts on the staff here, have dug up a bit of ground and proclaim they are going to grow potatoes and cabbages.  I hope they won’t be disappointed, but I am afraid they will be.

I hope Brandi has got over his illness all right.  We had to be disinfected the other day; a man arrived with an alarming squirt & some very evil smelling liquid.”

{next post 17th January}

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