GWL7th January 1917

As far as I can make out all your letters up to that written on December 25th and all the parcels have come.  I hope my two missing ones have come.  It was really very considerate of that letter to turn up on Christmas Day, wasn’t it?  Life is rather strenuous now.  Goodness only knows what Greece is going to do.  Without knowing anything of the inside of the show, the Allied action seems rather provocative.  It rather looks as if we want them in against us.  There are some awful quaint hills round here.  There is a flat-topped one overlooking the camp.  Quite high and the top is all bits of broken pottery & shells.  You cannot find anything whole at all.

The cat sends her love.  Yesterday she ate two large chops & is feeling rather replete.”

{next post 10th January}

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