GWL 3rd January 1917

Such a glorious day.  Nothing the matter with it at all.  I am looking forward to a large and fine mail soon.  Nothing has come for quite a long time.  The situation here is what Bob would call “obscure”.  Heaven only knows what is going to happen.  How is the singing?  I hope Brandi is right again.  I am wondering if I have done a very foolish thing.  I have applied to be seconded with the Machine Gun Corps……..

Poor old Peter has not started yet.  I do hope the lad gets leave.  They have had a pretty rough time of it up there.  “Flora” & “Joe Chamberlain” were absent all yesterday.  Flora galloped in late for tea & Joe followed slowly arriving an hour and a half later.  So typical of them both.”

The Machine Gun Corps was formed in October 1915 to improve the performance of Machine Gun units through specialisation.  The Corps was equipped with the heavy water-cooled Vickers Machine Gun and the lighter air-cooled Lewis gun. A total of 170,500 officers and men served in the MGC, of which 62,049 were killed, wounded or missing.


A Vickers machine gun crew [from The Long,Long Trail]

{next post 5th January}

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