GWL 31st December 1916

A Happy New Year to you and may this wretched show be over soon.  It has been awfully cold the last few days, but the wind has gone now and it is much warmer.  Working again now.  I wonder what you did on Christmas day?  I am seized with grave misgivings about the hearts of my officers here!  A tremendous ‘Entente” between the 1. Can: Hos: & M.G.S. has sprung up.  Certainly they are charming people and were awfully kind to us at Christmas.  The amount of work those girls get through is really wonderful and yet they are always cheery.

Frank I suppose is home again now, isn’t he?”

1.Can: Hos: refers to the 1st Canadian Stationary Hospital based in Salonica at that time.  Below is the relevant page from their War Diary of the time.


{next post 3rd January}

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