GWL 21st December 1916

Thank you so much.  It was the first I had heard of the “Mention”.  The papers have not come yet.

They have killed the majority of my turkeys.  Some have not yet departed this life, as they are being kept for New Years Day.  Feel very clean to-day – just had quite a good bath.  These new guns are the very devil to keep clean.  They seem to rust on the slightest provocation.  Royalties are a nuisance very often aren’t they?  I have suffered a good deal from them in my short life, one way and another.  The most villainous occasion was when we had to assault Caesar’s Camp for the benefit of King Edward.  I wonder what we shall be doing this time next year?”

On the 19th the British Government implemented the Military Service Act with the introduction of National Service.  All men between the ages of 18 and 40 are liable to be called up for military service unless in certain protected occupations or widowed with children.

{next post 24th December}

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