GWL 18th December 1916

In a cloud once more and very wet indeed.  What do you think?  They are giving us a short spell at Christmas!  The Sgt instructors want it badly.  To go on teaching the same old thing to rather dull people must be awfully trying………..This place is turning into a kind of experimental establishment.  All sorts of queer things turn up now.  It is all very interesting.  Wonderful what different kinds of people there are in the world.  I think we have run through he majority of them here now.  I really do.  Alas,the turkeys have to be killed soon.  I hate the thought; I have got very fond of those birds.”

On the 17th the Royalist Greek Government issued a warrant for the arrest of M. Venizelos and on the 19th the British Government decided to recognise a Greek Government led by M. Venizelos.

{next post 21st December}

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