GWL 13th December 1916

That bally censor opened another of my letters last mail, but he struck a real wrong ‘un.  The one he opened was a receipt for two powers of attorney I sent to London!

I have read “A Student in Arms” through again & like it much better than the first time I read it.  I don’t remember the man [Donald Hankey] at Rugby;  he was probably senior to me.  Clarence Gardner was to have come over this afternoon, but could not.  He has been in hospital with rheumatism.  At present I am struggling with “The New Machiavelli”.  A little seems to go a long way.  “The Maxims of Methuselah” have arrived.  Thank you.  I am trying to fit in some ladies I know.  I am Godfather to Uncle Franks’s small son, will you please do the needful in presenting the youth with a mug from me?  I sent him 100 Drachmas, but what on earth the child will do with them I don’t know.  I thought at first I would send him a sovereign.   I have one that has been through with me, but I did not.  If the censor reads any more of my letters may he “Gehannum jao” with all speed.”

The New Machiavelli was a book by H G Wells and first published in 1911.  The Maxims of Methuselah in regard to Women was written by Gelett Burgess and first published in 1907.

{next post 18th December}


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