GWL 11th December 1916

Your Christmas letter arrived to-day.  Very quick indeed, isn’t it?  Heavens these are strenuous days.  There is hardly a minute to oneself.  The Balkan News proclaims to-day that Germany proposes peace.  She has been doing that for some time, but I don’t think anything will come of it, do you?  Heaven only knows what I would do if peace did suddenly turn up.  I am glad you saw Lachlan.  He is a very nice lad indeed.  Much colder the last few days, but very nice and sunny.  Really lovely weather; just the sort of day for a nice buzz in a buzz wagon.  Granny’s helmet is a very handy garment.  I did not have one before.  I had to discard all my woollen gear last summer.  My new servant (Eastman is safely in St George’s Barracks!) has been doing extensive repairs to my home.  On the whole an improvement.”

On this day the Battle of the Cerna and Monastir ended.  The Allies demanded complete immobilisation from the Greek Government.  Lloyd George’s new coalition cabinet was announced with Lord Derby appointed Secretary of State for War, and Arthur Balfour appointed Secretary for Foreign Affairs following the resignation of Viscount Grey.

{next post 13th December}

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