GWL 8th December 1916

Two lovely days.  We are all dry again.  “Puggy” Garnier has been killed [see GWL 3rd December].  He was wounded and they were carrying him back on a stretcher when the Hun turned a machine gun on them.  I am awfully sad.  Peter is quite well.  A man from the battalion is down here and saw him.  No news at all.  Just now we are all up to our ears in work.  “Puggy’s” death is a great shock to me.  I was awfully fond of the little man.

We have got a cat.  Small and very wild indeed.  It refuses to try to catch mice as yet, but perhaps it may in time.  Have you read “A Student in Arms”?  I am about half way through and I think some of the essays are interesting.  But I cannot agree with J. St Joe Strachey’s last paragraph of the Introduction”.

“A Student in Arms” was a collection of essays initially published int The Spectator about army life in the First War written by Donald Hankey who was himself killed in the Somme offensive on October 12th 1916.

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