GWL 3rd December 1916 (Received December 25th)

Just to wish you a happy Christmas.  I think it ought to arrive in time.  The Christmas parcel was very fine, so are all your parcels.  Please thank Sears very much indeed for the chocolates – It is very kind of her.

Things don’t look too nice round Athens way [See post 30th November].  If they get any worse, things might get awkward.  Nothing from Peter or Arthur lately.  I am awfully busy now.  On the run all day.  There is no news at all.  Very dull letters I am afraid.  I always have loathed the Greeks and their beastly language and always shall.  I think it was about this time last year that Peter and I were in Malta.  Very different weather then.  That dear old Grand Harbour from the Barrace lift.  A lovely sight at night, isn’t it?

Another mouse invaded my tent last night and gnawed a candle.  I have borrowed the doctor’s trap, which will hold about 500 mice in it.  He nearly caught the cook-house dog last week.”

On this day the German submarine U-38 entered Funchal harbour, Madeira, and sank three ships then bombarded the town for two hours before being forced to withdraw by fire returned from the town.

{next post 6th December}

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