GWL30th November 1916

A truly beastly day.  Not even good for the ducks.  Not enough rain for them & too much for us.  Windy too.  In fact nothing to commend it.  Thank you so much for ordering the boots.  I am afraid I ask for a lot of things.  The visiting cards have arrived safely.  Athens seems to be cheering up a bit now.  Really things are in a wonderful condition out in this direction.  Nothing from Peter or Arthur or anybody for quite a time.”

On this day Allied Forces landed at Piraeus, Athens.  A force of 3,000 comprised of French and British troops and a small detachment of Italians, under the command of the French.  The aim was to occupy the hills overlooking Athens.  However the Greek Royalist forces launched simultaneous attacks on the Allied positions.  Following brief exchanges agreement was reached with the Allies withdrawing in exchange for six gun batteries to be made available in Salonica.

{next post 3rd December}

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