GWL 25th November 1916

Enclosed are some very bad little photos of some of the animals of this establishment.  But I think they will do for my book, in default of better ones.  Another cold has assailed me and I feel awfully stupid.  Had an awful job clipping “Charles Chaplin” to-day.  He has got a very pretty kick, but did not bag anyone.  Eastman was in the “Braemar Castle”, but they say they got them all out.  The turkeys are NOT getting any fatter.  I came to that melancholy conclusion this morning.  They eat an awful lot and particularly oats.  Result they are very skittish & put on no flesh.  They attacked the cook house dog to-day again.  I have taken a sudden awful aversion to my tent.  I loathe the thing & sit most of my time in the orderly room.  I don’t know why.  I suppose it will pass.  You will get yourself something nice for Christmas, won’t you?”

The HMHS “Braemar Castle” was a hospital ship.  She struck a mine on 23rd November in the Aegean Sea.  The passengers and crew were rescued and the ship repaired, surviving the rest of the war, finally being scrapped in 1924.


{next post 30th November}

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