GWL 23rd November 1916

The weather is still quite moderately decent.  The place is quite dry again.  I had a man down in the last course who was in one of the firms in Tientsin.  His name was Boniface.  I don’t remember him there at all, but he knew us all.  Eastman has been sent away with dysentery.  I think he is going to Malta.  I am very much afraid that his ship has met with misfortune – but I know nothing definite.  I am so sorry, because the lad had been with me two years, rough & smooth, some of it pretty rough.

Any news of Peter?  I have not heard from the lad for nearly two months.  I do wish there was something something to write about on things.  Of course there is no hardship of any kind attached to it.  I suppose it is because we are all getting bit weary of it all.  For a change one of my instructors & I are giving a tiffin party to-morrow!  Two of the sisters from one of the hospitals are coming.  Wee shall be a quaint quartette.”

On this day the Greek Provisional Government under Venizelos in Salonica declared war on Germany and Bulgaria.

{next post 25th November}

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