GWL 18th November 1916

………..Eastman, alas, has gone to hospital with dysentery.  I am awfully distressed, as I have had him with me all these two damnable years.  He is a splendid fellow.

The other day I met a sailor man who was in Malta with us, and is now in a submarine.  He took me off to lunch and showed me his boat.  She is famous for many great deeds.  Her former commander got the V.C. in the Dardanelles.  Very thrilling and awfully interesting.”

The Commanders of two British submarines, E14 and E11, were awarded V.C.’s for their actions in the Dardanelles campaign.  They were Lt Commander Edward Boyle and Lt Commander Martin Naismith respectively.  E14 had a successful war until being sunk in January 1918.  Her wreck was discovered in 2012.


E14 with her crew.


Wreck of E14.

This day also saw the end of the Battles of the Somme.

{next post 20th November}

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