GWL13th November 1916

A very wet and windy day succeeding a perfect nightmare of a night.  It blew like the devil and was most awfully cold.  Up every half hour securing the bally tent.  Not a wink of sleep.  I have decided next time to let the tent come down & crawl into somebody else’s.  Your letters of the 29th & 31st have arrived.

I think there is quite a chance that Peter may get home in the near future.  That is a most excellent war map you sent me.  What is Adam doing these days?  As far as I can remember, the last bust I had with Adam was in the Hotel du Nord in Ypres.  We had a bottle of beer.  The turkeys are still alive, but I don’t think they get any fatter.  But the fact that they are still alive should rejoice our hearts.  I know I shan’t be able to kill them.”

On this day the last major battle of the Somme offensive, the Battle of the Ancre, commenced.

{next post 15th November}

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