GWL 8th November 1916

……….The world bundles along somehow.  Some days nothing seems to go right and you feel you would like to lay round you with a whip.  My old, old men are perfectly awful.  It is one continual drive to get the lazy old devils to do any work.  It takes years off one’s life………. To-day I got a letter from Arthur saying he had sent off my coat.  I don’t know where he is or whether he will come in here.  I hope so, but don’t think it is likely.”

On November 5th the Central Powers declared an independent Kingdom of Poland.  At the outbreak of the War Poland didn’t exist as an independent entity and it’s territories were split between the three major powers of Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary.  Most of the major battles of the Eastern Front took place on Polish territory.  During the early part of the war the majority of Polish sympathies lay mainly with Russia.  However as the war progressed this shifted more towards the German side and the declaration of an independent state was strategically a way of encouraging more Poles to fight on the side of the Central Powers against Russia.

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