GWL 2nd November 1916

We had an air-raid to-day.  He was a Bulgar, I think.  Quite a change.  I have got my thick coat from Raglan.  It has arrived just in time.  I heard the other day from a man in Scrutton’s batt’n that they think there is just a chance that he may be wounded and a prisoner.  He was hit along with several other fellows whom they could not get in.  They went back again later & found the graves of these other fellows, whom the Bulgar had buried, but could not find Scrutton’s.  So they think there is a chance he may be alive.  I don’t know if it is worth telling Lady Scrutton.  She probably knows more about it all than I do.  I saw Lachlan yesterday.  He has got special leave because some lawyer has hopped it with £100 of his.  People in England say he has not an earthly chance of getting it back, but he is going to have a try.  I asked him to go and see you if he had time.  I hope he will.”

Capt. Hugh Scrutton, 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, was killed on 10th September 1916 and buried in Doiran War Cemetery.

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