GWL 25th October 1916

It has been raining nearly all day and the place is very moist.  This morning we were in a cloud until about 11 A.M.  Still nothing from Frank.  When peace is declared I am going to seek out the Editor of the Bystander & wring his neck.  Not a bit of news for you.  I am better, but still on milk.  Get awfully fed up with milk.  I have not heard from Peter for some time.  All seems quite quiet & I think he is all right.  I expect you have seen about Basil Capel Cure being killed.  He was a very nice boy and I am very sorry.  Truly the old crowd is sadly thinned out.  There is snow on some of the mountains now.  None of those near us have any yet, but those up Monastir way, which we can see.  I hope to get hold of Arthur and get my coat.  I think the sea must have swallowed my puttees.”

Lembet. Undated.

“It has been lovely here to-day.  Not a cloud in the sky until this evening, when the sunset was glorious.  There is a thunderstorm, of all things, going in the Vardar Valley.  They seem to keep on until very late in the year here.

The turkeys are in great form.  They are comical birds — Very fierce too at times.  They attacked the kitchen dog this evening.  No sign of Arthur yet in this part of the world.  Mushrooms have suddenly started to grow round the camp.  What better than a perfectly good mushroom for breakfast? I am much better now.”

Basil Capel Cure died of his wounds sustained in the action of the 2nd Gloucester’s on October 1st 1916 and buried in the Commonwealth Cemetery at Lahana.

lahana-war-cemetery  Lahana War Cemetery near Salonica

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