GWL 13th October 1916

A very wearing day.  All sorts of new people arriving all day.  Never a moments peace.  Not a particle of news.  An officer just down from the battalion has just told me about their show – Apparently it was really first class.  Tucker, my adjutant, went flying to-day and flew over the camp to bomb us.  He dropped an old bathing dress with a stone in it and missed by miles.  I have no wish to fly at all.  We have had no mail for a long, long time it seems.  I think they must have sunk my puttees and my boots.  Peter is quite well and has a souvenir which he prizes much, but will tell no one where he got it.  It is an artillery officer’s shoulder strap.  I am so glad the old regiment has done so well.”

This presumably refers the the 2nd Gloucester’s involvement in the Karajakoi’s Action referred to in GWL 8th October.

{next post 18th October}

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