GWL 8th October 1916

Yesterday for a bit of a change I went and had tea at the 1st Canadian.  They are a very nice kind lot down there.  The matron is a charming person.  A cake came from Mozzer the other day.  A very good cake it is.  I eat it in the mornings.  I have got some horses up here now.  They are not what you call good horses – very thin & long.  I am trying to fatten them.  I suppose they will be fatter some day.  To-morrow morning I am going to cut their hair with a very fine pair of clippers I have just acquired.  It is a weary world.”

In the two weeks leading up to this letter the Macedonian front had become significantly more active.  George’s Battalion were involved in an action to capture two villages, Karajakoi Bala and Karajakoi Zir, from the Bulgarians.  The action commenced on September 30th with the Battalion diary as follows:

Advance to the attack of Karajakois-Bala 05.30 hrs with Camerons on left of line.  The Battalion captured Bala 09.00 and consolidated.  All ground held.  The Battalion repulsed counter-attacks from 20.00 hours 30/9/16-08.00 hours 1/10/16.  Total casualties other ranks 55.

On October 5th the Battle of the Crna, part of the Monastir offensive, commenced.  The Allies were represented by approximately 12,000 French, Russian and Serbs taking on approximately 26,000 Germans and Bulgarians.


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