GWL 24th September 1916

Very busy indeed.  Your tea-party seems to have been an extra-ordinarily successful show.  Some beastly beast has bitten me on my little finger.  It is swelling finely.  Are any of my letters missing?  Ten days seems an awful long gap.  I don’t know if Mr Censor has been playing any tricks on us.  Such a glorious morning this morning.  Very cold until the sun got up thoroughly.”

Undated – received Oct.9th

A very agitating day or two.  People turning up at wrong times and in wrong numbers.  Altogether rather upside down.  Not an atom of news.  A mouse has eaten a large piece of my latest cake.  I reserve the cakes you send me for early morning tea!  A cake goes in about 2 minutes when 25 officers confront it, but it does very nicely in the early morning.  The following is a true story of Flora.  She has been observed to do it several times.  Charlie Chaplin, with whom she works, is thin skinned.  If she thinks he is not doing enough work, she bumps her stern into him & flicks him with her tail!  I think it shows a very high sort of intelligence in Flora.  Don’t you?  I have had many a laugh over my mules.   know them so well.  They have such very marked characters; from Tommy, who leads all the others astray to old Reveille who calls everybody at 5.30″.

Then followed three letters dated Oct 1st, 3rd & 6th written after hearing of the death of George’s father, Edward John, who died on September 27th at Newquay and was subsequently buried at Long Ditton.  He was aged 58 years and presumably died relatively suddenly as there is no mention of illness leading up to this point.

{next post 8th October}

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