GWL 21st September 1916

“To-day your letters of the 3rd & 5th arrived.  I am getting them regularly now.  No news whatever.  Did you get a letter from me asking for a pair of boots?  I want a new pair.

We have acquired a dog.  A nice dog, but somewhat reluctant to abide with us.  Tucker found him on his way up here to-day.  Being in Scotch regiment he calls him “Bruce”; but you might call him anything for all the attention he pays.  He is a “mongrel of eccentric appearance”.  A little book arrived from Mozzer to-day.  Very nice and most interesting.

We cut Flora’s hair to-day.  She was thoroughly disgusted with the whole performance”.

Politically it was a busy time in Northern Greece.  On the 18th the Greek IVth Army surrendered to the Germans at Kavala.  On the 19th the Allies commenced a blockade of the coast from the mouth of the ver Struma to the mouth of the River Nesta.  On the 20th Essad Pasha set up an Albanian Government in exile in Salonica.

{next post 24th September}

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