GWL 16th September 1916

The hot weather seems to be over now.  I am not sorry; it has been pretty trying at times.  Heavy clouds now and a good deal of rain.  The tea party came off to-day.  Quite amusing they were.  Considering how awfully hard those sisters have to work I think they are really rather wonderful.  It was a very pleasant change. Most of them rode up.  I never think a woman looks her best riding astride.  When you get back you will be starting on your Braille.  Don’t do too much, will you?”

On the 14th the Seventh Battle of the Isonzo began and on the 15th the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, part of the Somme offensive, began and saw the introduction of the first tanks by the British.  More locally a new Greek Government was formed by M. Kalogeropoulos.


A Mark 1 tank in action.

{next post 21st September}

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