GWL 10th September 1916

I am so sorry for Alma Dolling…………..It is a perfectly heavenly night.  A full moon & not a bit of wind.  You can read a book outside easily.  There is not a scrap of news beyond what is happening “topside” which you know as soon as we do.  We can hear the guns going here quite plainly.  I am a Major again, although it has not appeared ignorers yet and I have not got my crown up.  I did see my last one in the gazette though it was in the same day as Lyne’s.  It comes in Memoranda, not user the regiment.  A parcel dated Aug 23rd arrived t-day.  No baccy for about a fortnight now. I think it must have gone to the Battalion.”

In fact Georges name did appear in the Gazette of September 5th, ante-dated to April 19th while Capt Lynes name was in some months earlier & antedated to about the same time.

{next post 12th September}

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