GWL 5th September 1916

Nothing doing and no news.  Vicar has come back and is now Brigade Major of our brigade.

I am so sorry about young Rawson.  I have not seen his brother for a long time.  My female mule has been giving a lot of trouble.  She is very thin & rather a thoroughbred look about her.  Her name is Flora.  I am trying to make her fat.  I am afraid she will never get fat, she is so slightly restless – Never still for a minute.  She is very fond of me.  I give her salt.  She kicks like hell.  “Charlie Chaplin” goes out with her.

I think I will after all write my famous essay on the Ladies of Salonica.  I think it might amuse you.  But it must be written when the pen is fluent.  To-day I am rather contemplative, seeing as ‘ow this day last year I was nearly blown up.”

On September 4th Dar es Salaam, part of German East Africa, surrendered to the Allied forces.

dar es salaam

{next post 7th September}

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