GWL 31st August 1916

A certain amount of excitement here.  The local population has gone slightly delirious.  What it is all about nobody quite knows.  You probably know a great deal more about it than I do, because the “Balkan News” has not condescended to turn up for two days.  And in the meantime it is very warm.  Another parcel has come.

The paper has just come up and apparently there has been a young revolution in Salonique.  Rather a musical comedy sort of thing it seems.  I have to go to A.H.Q. this morning, so may see something of it.  Thank goodness Roumania has begun to get busy.  It is a great thing.

One of my mules performed rather a feat yesterday.  He eat his head collar, a sack, the back of a limber and a large bit of string.  Last night he eat his picketing peg.”

On the 30th Turkey declared war on Rumania, as did Bulgaria on 1st September.  The “young revolution” refers to a revolt by “Venezelists”, supporters of Eleftherios Venizelos who was the Prime Minister and an Allied supporter and at odds with King Constantine.

{next post 5th September}

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