GWL 28th August 1916

Your letters of 10th & 12th Aug arrived this morning.  Just heard Roumania has come in against Bulgaria.  Must say I am surprised.  We shall have that venturesome nation, Greece, coming in at this rate.  The little Greek officers with their little tin swords, who strut about like sparrows in the town, “do make oi laff”.  They try to copy our kit & have put their little tin swords into Sam Browne belts that were never made for them.  To think that when we first came here we had to salute them.  Then, of course, they were were a factor in the situation;  we were very few and they were very many and they had their beastly little guns all round our camps.  Now they are of rather less importance than America.  If they come in they automatically become “our gallant allies”, But the good God alone knows why we were not all eaten up during December 1915.  “What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?”  “Eaten by a Dago, dearie!”

George’s contempt for the host nation shows no sign of abating!  Rumania formally declared war on Austria-Hungary on the 27th and crossed over the border into Transylvania on the 28th at which point Germany declared war on Rumania and Italy declared war on Germany.

{next post 31st August}

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