GWL 26th August 1916

It seems strange to think that you and I read what news there is from here at practically the same time.  The news that we get from this part of the world comes from the Eiffel Tower!

I have had no news from Peter since I left but I gather thatchy are all fit & things just as before.  I have finished “I need” & like it immensely.  I am now engaged on “At the Gate of Samaria”.  The flies are pretty villainous.  We all have mosquito nets now, about 3 months too late.  By day very useful against flies.  If you have any very fierce enemies, send them out here and I will guarantee that they will be diminished by about 60 per cent in a fortnight.  At least I could have, about a month ago.  If sent now I think they might not arrive in time.  It is much cooler, but still pretty hot.

How is London?  My lame mule is nearly well.  But a female mule I have gave a lot of trouble yesterday.  It took 2 1/2 hours to shoe her!”

The Eiffel Tower had radio transmitters in place used to jam German communications and also for French communication.  At the Gate of Samaria was a novel by William John Locke first published in 1894.

{next post 28th August}

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