GWL 24th August 1916

Your letters of Aug 8th & 6th came to-day with the photos.  The views are very pretty.  Not a very good one of you is it?  Just a wee bit wild!……… A charming letter from my papa & mamma this morning.  They were very nice.  Thunder coming up again now.  I have just finished the “Aristocrats” & like it very much indeed.  I suppose you have read it, if not, do.  Most refreshing.  The young lady makes one or two very quaint remarks and is altogether charming.  I am reading “I need” now & like that too.  Please have another pair of boots ready.  The road to Vienna is passing strong.  I cannot understand Roumania.  I don’t trust her in the least.  No more than we did Bulgaria.  There is no news.”

Rumania at this point were moving towards full mobilisation.  Meanwhile the Bulgarian advance towards the Struma Valley  was being stemmed by the Allied forces.

{next post 26th August}

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