GWL 21st August 1916 (Lembet)

The rush began two days ago and we are now sort of half in and half out.  A beastly state of things.  There are such an awful lot of things that have to be drawn and carted many miles.  At present it is blowing  gale, so pitching anything big is out of the question.  I think we ought to get a mail in a day or two now.  A letter will be lovely.  They have been hunting for me all over the place for the last fortnight.  My holiday cost me about £12.  Of course living in a hotel is ver expensive, especially when you have to have all your meals out.  Do you think that is an awful lot for 10 days?

I sent my adjutant down to draw mules yesterday.  Never again.  He came back with a queer lot.  I thought one would be lame in a week, but the bally thing was lame in an hour &, as far as I can make out, in all four legs.”

The “rush” probably referred to action to the west of Lake Dorian where the British were engaged in support of the French.  The British forces were led by 7th Battalion Ox & Bucks supported by a Machine Gun Company and Royal Engineers.

{next post 22nd August}

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