GWL 16th August (Hotel Continental, Salonica)

Very warm.  Much the same condition as we were in Kyoto.  Drip all day.  Did a little “ententing” with a Russian last night.  Sat outside Flocas and watched the people.  Truly we are an amazing crowd.  As a Frenchman remarked “we are a little salad”.  Rather nice, isn’t it!

I have been trying very hard to find where all your letters have gone.  So far no success.  There is a fortnight’s mail wandering about somewhere.  I have quite lost touch with Arthur again.  Cyril has disappeared too, but I think he is down Mudros way.  It may seem strange, but it is quite impossible to buy the English book in this forsaken spot!  If some moderately enterprising firm would only start in, I think they would make piles of money.  Is Commander Papa scouring the seas in search of vermin with the same determination?”

Commander Papa refers to Marion’s father, Sir Ion Hamilton Benn,    who was a colourful character who used his yacht to patrol the coast as part of the Dover Patrol.  He had a long and distinguished career in the Military, Politics and Public Service.


{next post 21st August}

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