GWL 14th August 1916(Hotel Continental, Salonica)

I have come to the conclusion that I will not write my essay on the ladies of Salonique, for the very good reason that it is quite beyond me!  Also it is much too hot.  My cold has nearly gone, thank the Lord.  I was a worm and no man while it lasted.  My adjutant is now carrying on the good work.  We really are rather a pitiable pair – Now there is nothing to do.  I roll up to AHQ in the morning to see if the men have arrived & then roll back.  We have seen all the cinemas & have done the giddy round of the variety entertainments which don’t “variety” – Last night the town was rather excited.  Strong rumours that Roumania had come in.  In fact it was posted up in the newspaper shops, but there is nothing in the papers this morning.  Heavens, what a difference it would make.”

A batch of suffragettes have arrived, Lord French’s sister among them!  We really have got a queer assortment of people.  I wonder what the Bulgar think of us all.  He probably sits on the top of a hill & grins at the motley assembly below.  I saw Hugh Scrutton again the other day – very well indeed.”

Rumania didn’t enter the war until August 27th.  However forces were building up on both sides with the Bulgarians preparing to advance into Macedonia.

{next post 16th August}

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