GWL 12th August 1916 (Hotel Continental, Salonica)

Very warm and a perfectly poisonous cold!  Silly, isn’t it?  My great trouble is that I get no letters from you.  Daily routine; breakfast, blow nose until tiffin – Tiffin, blow nose until dinner – Dinner & blow nose until breakfast – Add much quinine & a buzzy head & there you have your husband & his daily doings.  I propose writing an Essay on the local ladies from want of something better to do.  I know just what will happen.  In a day or two there will be a most ghastly rush.  Everybody flying in different directions.  It was just the same in February – Then when we are nicely settled they will shut us up again.  I will write the essay this afternoon in the intervals of nose blowing.”

On this day Italian troops landed at Salonica to join the increasingly multi-national force.  The British were establishing new defences in the Struma Valley.

{next post 14th August}

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