GWL 10th August 1916 (Hotel Continental, Salonica)

One of those annoying days spent running about “seeing” people.  I have a cold in my head too, which is most unpleasant in hot weather.  Some of the smells here are truly wonderful, mostly drains.  Some Italians arrived to-day.  The Lord only knows what this motley assemblage is going to do.  We now have English, French, Russians, Serbs, inhabitants of Annam, Italians and niggers.  I intend to keep as far from the Annamites as I can.  Somehow I don’t think his idea of a good dinner & mine would quite agree.  It would be an awful thing if our rations got mixed.  I wish there was something to tell you.  There is not much variety in this life.  That you cannot expect really in war – whether in trenches or here you get into a groove; you cannot get out because, temporarily, there is nothing else but the groove.  How is Adam?”

Annam was the central part of Vietnam, at that time under French colonial rule.  Men were conscripted to join French forces.


{next post 12th August}

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