GWL 8th August 1916 (Hotel Continental, Salonica)

I have got to start the show again.  At present Tucker & I are doing a small Base loaf.  We have asked for the things we want & now wait for them.  We had rather an amusing evening last night.  One of the places of amusement announced a grand revue!  Heavens it was bad.  You can have no idea how bad it was.  The cast was six.  One could sing and the others could not.  There we met Hugh Scruton, so we wandered on to a place where they dance – There is a man and his wife who had been here sometime & they really do dance beautifully – Tangos & things – They are a very nice quiet pair to talk to too.

Please send me another pair of puttees.  The thorns play the devil with them.  You had better address to the “Army Lewis Gun School, Lembet”.  Leave out 26th Div.  This is rather an expensive country to live in – I don’t spend more than I can help – But a little holiday is rather nice just now & then.”

On August 6th the Battle of Gorizia or the 6th Battle of the Isonzo began between the Italian and Austrian forces.  This was regarded as the most successful phase of the Isonzo campaign with the capture by the Italians of Gorizia on 9th August.  However this wasn’t without considerable cost with the loss of approximately 21,000 lives.

{next post 10th August}

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