GWL 4th August 1916

I am so sorry you have not had a letter for a week.  They are on the way somewhere unless Hun has sunk them.  Awful hot, but no thunderstorms for a wonder.  So old man Frank was not in the first show.  Thank goodness.

The last letter of yours to arrive was July 18th – Also two parcels of books.  The last containing the “Poisoned Pen”!  Very fine – I am afraid my taste in literature has gone pop.  If you remember,  I started out with a copy of Shakespeare’s Tragedies!  Also (?alas) they have had to go.  Not that I ever read them much, but the intention was there.  Had rather and amusing morning with some new mules.  Everything all over the place & in the middle, of course, the inevitable dog fight.  Very fierce.

I am looking forward to your first letter from your house.  I do so hope that you will enjoy it and that it will amuse you.  My house at present is very flimsy and my furniture weighs 27lbs 8oz.”

Elsewhere the Battle of Romani was taking place to secure the Suez Canal.  Combined German, Austrian and Ottoman had attacked on 3rd August.  However the Allied forces made up of British and ANZAC troops forced the opposition back over the next few days.  This secured the Suez Canal for the Allies.


{next post 8th August}

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