GWL 2nd August 1916

Still very thundery and no news.  A good deal of work.  Very busy writing a lecture I have to give at Brigade on M.G.’s.  To tell the truth, perspiring gently from fright.  People can be so rude to the poor lecturer.  Nothing more about the school so far.

My bivouac is rather too close to the kitchen.  I get most of the smoke & all the chat.  Amusing at times, but generally rather boring.  Peter is very fit & he and I are contemplating a small excursion to the local shopping centre!  The padre is the bane of my life.  He is always worrying people to make noises through their throats.  Now he wants to get up an Irish play.  Can you see a Gloster man endeavouring to speak Irish?

Congratulations on passing your Braille exam.  You said you were positive you had not.  Don’t do more than you feel inclined for.”

{next post 4th August}


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