GWL 31st July 1916

At last we have found a temporary resting place.  Pretty uncomfortable for the last few days.  Wet through most of the time.  Very heavy thunderstorms and rain!  Much lightning!  The mails of the 7th, 8th & 9th out have been sunk.  The last letter of yours to arrive was dated July 14th & came to-day.  So poor Bouncer Cox is killed also [This proved to be a false report].  The old crowd is slowly going.  It is very sad.

What do you think has happened now?  They want me to reopen my little show!  The ways of our wonderful army are mysterious even now.  Thank you for the gallant Colonel’s letter.  It is most interesting.  Pretty fair hell that show.  I have written to Mother & will write again for the birthday present.  I am so glad you like the cabinet.”

News of the carnage in the Somme offensive is beginning to filter through.  On the 30th Russian forces landed at Salonica to join the Allied forces.

{next post 2nd August}

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