GWL 25th July 1916

A very thunderstormy day, the third is at present in progress – I shall not be able to write for about four days after this.  I am glad they have had news of Frank.  I am afraid things are pretty rough over there now.  The pipes arrived to-day.  They are just what I wanted.

Those New Army fellows are pretty wonderful, aren’t they?  – Just preparing for a deluge! – I am so awfully sorry about Graham [Bosanquet].  To have gone through all that – He was a splendid fellow.  Vicary is sick again and I think gone to Malta – The deluge may make further writing impossible.  Your letters have all come up to the 10th July.  “Captain” in future now!……….”

From the end of June through until the end of July the Battalion moved several times, on the 27th marching to Pazarkia and then Gomonic finally arriving in Hortiack on the 29th. Graham Bosanquet was killed on the first day of the Somme and is buried in Gordon Dump Cemetery.

United Kingdom Major Gloucestershire Regiment01/07/1916 IV. H. 10.

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