GWL 12th July 1916

Very warm – especially if you have to walk, but we walk all night and endeavour to sleep by day.  Even then very warm.  I don’t think I can possibly get a letter for another ten days, as they will have to be forwarded; sad, but unavoidable.

The papers all seem very hopeful these days, don’t they?  I should love to have the thing over by Christmas.  There is not a scrap of news.  I think I should see Peter in about four days.  It will be nice to see the lad again.  Yesterday it was 102 in the shade at 11 AM and where we are just now is pretty high up.

And how is the little house? and are you happy there – I do hope so.”

The optimistic press reports of progress on the Western Front clearly failed to openly talk about the horrendous casualties being sustained during the Somme offensive.

{next post 21st July}

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