GWL 22nd June 1916

Two parcels came yesterday.  I can never find the dates so I don’t know when they were sent off.  The lemonade stuff is very good.  I think that while it is hot, chocolate is better omitted.  The last packet had filled up one of the new socks!

Our Russian friends seem to be doing nicely, don’t they?  The loathly and licentious Bulgar appears to be coming rather more active down our way; otherwise there is no news at all.  Once a month I go into Salonica, have dinner at the White Tower & go to the Music  Hall.  The same show always.  There is one awful sight, viz:- “Adipose Annie”, a floppy female who comes in a bathing dress.  George Graves  would have called her “one of the round half-dozen or the beefy six”.

The reference to the Russians relates to the major Russian offensive on the Eastern Front known as the Brusilov Offensive after the Commander of Russian forces on the Russian southwestern front.  It was the largest Russian offensive of the War and started on June 4th lasting through until September.  The major effect was to draw German troops away from Verdun and break the back of the Austro-Hungarian forces.

{next post June 25th}

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