GWL 16th June 1916

The last Observer makes me sick.  Of course it is disappointing that there was not a few hours more daylight.  But what can be finer than the action those few battle cruisers & cruisers fought against practically the whole German fleet?  And yet they have the sauce to say “of course there will be an inquiry!”  Presumably to ascertain why Beatty and Jellicoe did not order the sun to stand still, or if they did, why that body, so easily controlled by naval strategists, did not obey – We are used to those sort of things in the Army, anybody who has played with Mr Britain’s excellent lead soldiers becomes automatically fit to criticise and deliver weighty judgments on a scientific service, but we had hoped the Navy was exempt from that sort of thing — Much too hot to keep this up any longer — I think the whole thing is infinitely finer than Trafalgar – We seem to have a mania for self-criticism.  From the way some people talk you would imagine that England had never saved France in August 1914, never blockaded the German fleet for two years, clothed and equipped half the Russians & a large number of French (in boots) financed the whole bally lot, and put twice the number of men in the field that she originally contracted for.  “Me taedet.”  I pray for just one journalist (conscript) in my company.

I Bet Kiel is busy”

This all refers to reaction in the press to the indeterminate outcome of the Battle of Jutland.  Clearly the Press where her in no higher esteem a century ago!

{next post 22nd June}

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