GWL 14th June 1916

The last letter of yours to come is that of May 15th and the despatches.  The Tsingtao show seems to have been a bit of a walkover, doesn’t it?  Poor fellows, they got all they wanted on the peninsula though.  Very warm indeed.  The second parcel of clothes has arrived, likewise a parcel of boots.  Thank you so much.  

This perpetual feast of tabernacles is rather trying.  How inexpressibly good would be a “four roomed cottage in a one horsed town”.  That Empire show was good, wasn’t it?  So was the Ambassadors.  For absolute cleverness I think the latter was the better.  I shall never forget Morton’s conjuring trick with the ice — “and at the end of two hours there will be no more ice!”

It’s not clear what the comment on Tsingtao refers to as the siege of Tsingtao took place towards the end of 1914.

{next post 16th June}

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