GWL 9th June 1916

Still very warm.  Did I tell you the Khaki drill had arrived?  It has; a coat, pair of breeches and puttees.  Thanks so much.  It is an awful thing about Kitchener.  He is a great loss.  Two books arrived the day before yesterday.  “A Man’s Man” I like very much – Very Ian Hayish.  “The Triumph of Elaine”, have you read it?, is too breathless for words.  In the course of every page the scene shifts.  The change generally being heralded by salvoes of bombs and much expenditure of revolver ammunition – When are you going to the little house?  Last night I had a quiet little game of Nap!  And in an hour & a half’s play won about 1 Dr.

Don’t forget to give me the address of your summer residence, Mrs Power, will you?”

Lord Kitchener was killed in the sinking of HMS Hampshire on June 5th.  He was on his way from Scapa Flow to Russia for talks with the Tsar when Hampshire struck a mine whilst tackling a gale off the Orkney coast.  There were only 12 survivors from the tragedy.


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