GWL 2nd June 1916

My new class is coming in to-day.  Abetter crowd they seem than the last lot, who were rather “mixed”.

The  night before last Rawson and I went down town & had a little dinner & afterward we went to a Music Hall.  Rather a poor show except for two girls who sang and swung clubs about.  They were very good; also a pair of people that dance tango’s and things.  The Greeks have got the wind up because the Bulgars have seized a couple of forts.  Situation “obscure” as Bobby Whitelaw would say.  I am so glad you are pleased about the Major.  It is the best part of it.  I am wearing the crowns.”

Elsewhere the Battle of Jutland took place between 31st May and June 1st.  On this day the Germans stormed Fort Vaux at Verdun and the Battle of Mount Sorrel in the Ypres Salient begins.

{next post 6th June}

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