GWL 23rd May 1916

My old friends the thunderstorms have come back again.  We had two toppers the other evening.  One went on for about three hours.  Very hot today out of the wind.  hen the wind is sometimes quite cold .

Another parcel came yesterday – one with chocolate biscuits & creme de menthe sweets in it.  Last night I caught a glow worm that winked; an on and off sort of glow worm.  Never seen one like it before.  I saw Rawson yesterday for the first time for some weeks.  He rolled up here just before lunch & had a drink.  We have been firing all to-day.  A great deal of noise and a bit of a head.  What would you like for your birthday?  Will you go & buy yourself something nice?  Please do.”

On this day elsewhere the British Government notified Russia of it’s recognition of the Franco-Russian Sykes-Picot agreement for the division of Asia Minor.  An Anglo-Egyptian force commanded by Lt-Col Philip Vandeleur Kelly captured El Fasher, the capital of Darfur.

{next post 2nd June}

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