GWL 20th May 1916

The parcels arrived in an enormous mass; after about 6weeks of comparative inactivity, during the last week they have poured in.  They are very good to get.  The books have also come.  The zep is on view in Salonica.  I am going to try and get a look at it.  Opportunities for going out are not many.  Yesterday I was full of wrath; my small world seemed to be crumbling about my ears.  I woke up and found the whole of my valley occupied by Frenchmen, and every symptom that they were going to do field firing.  My wrath was further increased on finding that the perpetrator of the outrage was “my very dear friend” Capt. Petin. Directeur, Centre de Mitrailleurs de l’Armee d’Orient!!!!  It put my work out considerably — Really they are a very charming crowd.  There are two very quaint officers.  They never seem to do anything but walk about together with broad grins and enormous moustaches.  They speak no English – I, no French, but we hail each other with joy on meeting.”

{next post 23rd May}


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